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O-PPP (Online Package Promotion Partner)

Free Trip Stite for Holiday makers in Nepal: Ya! it is. Its a free site With O-PPP concept of trip packaging where online trip bookers are the main stream clients who get direct and discount benefits when they book trip on this site.

The trips listed in this site are selected on the basis of popularity of the trip, service provided during the trip and best price (lesser than the Market price and Online price)

Why Book your Trip on NepalTreks.info?


We are dedicated to provide highest quality services

01. Local experts create your itineraries.

02. Extra Value - save up to 25% from market price.

03. FLEXIBILITY on itinerary & dates.

04. Professional service: trained guides and Sherpa tram equipment with best facilities.

05. Explore diversity of local cultural and natural treasure.

06. Safety and Satisfaction: guide customers to an awesome journey and unforgettable holiday with adventurous Himalayan experience.

07. Formal travel arrangement for groups and individual tourist.

08. Giving back to people of Nepal.