EBC Trek in mid February

What do you think about doing the EBC in the middle of February?I’m traveling on a low budget and need to get an idea of prices.I have some experience in trekking below 4500mts.

Booking Trek to EBC from international agent versus local agency

For those who have booked a trek to EBC with an American or Canadian company, Why did you book with them versus booking with a local Nepalese company?

Could I get some info on trekking to EBC?

1) best to go solo or group tour. 2) best month to go , if u dont want rain or cold weather or little as possible. 3) average cost pp?4) what to bring along?5) is altitude sickness real threat on this trek?6) teahouses all the same , doesnt matter which company u hire?7)what do porters carry for u ,if ur only allowed to bringing 10 or so kgs ?8)how does water taste after chlorine tablets? 9)how cash to bring money ?

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