How to get a guide in Kathmandu or Pokhara?

How to get a guide in Kathmandu or Pokhara?

1. How do I get a guide once I reach Kathmandu/Pokhara without going thru an agent? I would like free n easy travel n support the independent guide n not middle man.

2. Once I find a guide, when I am doing a trek, do I book the rooms for my guide? How does that work? Or he will quote me a price for an all inclusive service for his guiding during trek?

3. Will a guide be able to help with getting bus/car/jeep rentals?

4. Are there any day guides to show or bring me around a certain city/place on motorbike/car?

5. Are there guides who will be with u thru ur entire travel, regardless of which state u are going? Will they go with u as well? Like say Pokhara to Kathmandu?

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1. Guides will get the foods/accommodations when they are with you on the trek.
2. Yes guide will help you to book your transportation as well as accommodations.
3. Yes, you will find a day guide to show your around.
4. Yes, guide will accompany you throughout your travel here. it also depends upon the agreements while dealing with the guide.

There are lots of freelance guide available in Kathmandu or Pokhara and it is up to you whom you choose according to your preferences, trekking route, budget and most important choose the reliable guide with professional working background. You can choose the trekking either in a package where you pay all the expenses (transportation, food and lodging, permits fees, guide service fees etc.) or you can hire a guide as per day basis and take care of other expenses by yourself. You don’t need to book any rooms for the guide as all the teahouses will manage room for the guides and guide gets separate rooms and won’t have to share with the guests. Guide is responsible to arrange all your logistics for the trek according to the choice of your travel. Hope it is helpful.

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