Best Plug Adapter at Everest

Which is best plug adapter for uk to Nepal doing the EBC/three passes trek please. C,D or M or all of them? Thanks.

Travelling Solo in Pokhara

Just landed in pokhara. Travelling solo. Any other solo traveller looking for company? Trek Or city walk. Open to plans.

Not looking for guide plz

Covid Test on Arrival

Hi group, Can I make covid test on arrival in Kathmandu or must have results before?

Mountaineering Boots

Hey – does anyone know if possible to hire a decent set of mountaineering boots in Kathmandu – and if yes any suggestions? Only slight awkwardness is ideally needs to be a Sunday pick up. Thanks 🙏

Independent Trekking Guide

Hello, can anyone recommend a good independent trekking guide based in KTM that can take 2 people to do either Annapurna or Manaslu circuit? Thanks

Weather Forecast App in Himalayas

Which website do you get the weather forecast at the Himalayas ? Like – Everest region and Annapurna region

Buying Nepal SIM Card

Hey travellers …. I arrive on Friday . Think about this time in Nepal to buy a SIM card . Does anyone have experience???

Alone at Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey 👋

I will be in Nepal in December and would like to do the Everest basecamp trek

Anyone already did it alone and maybe has some recommendations

Thanks in advance

Preparation for Trekking Annapurna Circuit

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend and I am thinking about hiking the ACT. We already did multi day hiking in the alps, we exercise sometimes (climbing, jogging) but not really on a regular basis. Do you think good preparation regarding physical exercises the weeks/months before is important to manage the ACT? I find it really hard to estimate the difficulty of the ACT. Thanks in advance!

Snow on the Passes

Hi guys!

We are leaving for lukla tomorow morning and starting on the three passes track! We heard there is a lot of snow on the passes. Is this correct?


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