Planning To Travel Nepal

Planning To Travel Nepal

I am planning to travel to NEPAL in the last week of this November. Here is my 10 days plan. Is it feasible? Any suggestion?

Day 1:

Dhaka to Kathmandu by Air

Visit Darbar square and Swayambhunath

Night stay in Kathmandu

Day 2:

Kathmandu to Besisahar by bus

Night stay in Besisahar

Day 3:

Besisahar to Manang by local jeep

Night stay in Manang

Day 4:

Hiking around manang

Day 5:

Hiking around Manang

Day 6:

Manang to besisahar by local jeep

Night stay at Besisahar

Day 7:

Besisahar to Kathmandu to Nagarkot

Night stay in Nagarkot

Day 9:

Visit Bhaktapur and back to Kathmandu

Night stay in Kathmandu

Day 10:

Kathmandu to Dhaka by air

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Hmmmm, some potential concerns with your itinerary. First is a very busy arrival day….things often do not work out so smoothly and timely in Nepal. Perhaps you will have transportation arranged or have no problem with laying out lots of taxi money…also you make no mention of getting an Annapurna park permit and/or TIMS, if the TIMS is still required for that trek. The check post for one or both is before Manang….or as you are a member of the S Asian group of countries maybe this does not apply to you. The other concern is the big altitude jump from Bangladesh to Manang (3500m/11500ft) in a very short time. This can lead to some trouble in some individuals. Also will you have made reservations with jeeps or are just going to wing it that morning? As I have always walked in from Behisahar I do not know how far the jeeps go in one day but as said a big altitude jump. I have not done the AC in a few yrs so not the most current knowledge…my suggestion, take you same msg and go Trip Advisor, Nepal country forum and post…I think you must register to post. It is likely you will get some good and current responses, and no touts allowed….mention if you will be using and agency to facilitate permits and jeep res, or not…also, it use to be for Annapurna in any case if you got your permits on the trail at the check post they charged double for one or the other…ask about this too. Happy trails.

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