Best Trekking Equipment!

Best Trekking Equipment!

Hi all,

we need some recommendations regarding the best trekking equipment and would be pleased to get some help πŸ™‚

We are doing Gokyo Trek in combiation with Ama Dablam BC and returning via Renjo La Pas. We’re asking ourselves if we need the super warm down jacket or just do layering with a more light down jacket πŸ˜‰

So, how are the temperatures during the day at our hightest spots Ama Dablam BC, Gokyo Ri, maybe Ngozumpa Tse, Renjo La Pas?

If it rains in lower Khumbu region (Namche Bazar for example) – this will only be a litte bit of rain right now, correct? So we maybe can leave the hardshell jacket at home?

I think we will need snow spikes as well for the Renjo la Pas?

Thank you guys πŸ™‚

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I suggest you to take warm down jacket for Gokyo Ri hike coz hiking to gokyo ri start 5am is good. And crampons also need for Renjo la pass as there might be snow there during mid november. Good Luck πŸ‘

1-sleeping bag (some lodges have blankets but not sure they will provide for trekkers),
2- 2 pairs of T-shirt, not vest/singlet (preferably fast drying),
3- Thin fleece 2nd T-shirt,
4- 1 light waterproof + wind proof jacket,
5-2 pair of long trousers,
6- Several pairs of socks,
7-1 pair of walking boots,
8-1 pair of light sandal,
9- Pair of walking stick,
10- first Aid kit including First Aid Manual (medicines are not easy to get on the trails),
11-water bottle and iodine tablets,
12- Torch (flashlight) with pair batteries and bulbs,
13- Map and compass,
14- Phrase books,
15- Camera (with spare battery) with extra memory card,
16- Small notebooks,
17- Warm hat, scarf and gloves (wind proof),
18- Sunglasses and sun hat,
19- High protection sun cream,
20- Some interesting books,
21- Consider a down jackets and windproof trousers if trekking over 4000m and cramps,

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