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How much the hired trekking guides must “guide” you?

As a solo trekker I was going to plan about 4-6 extra days into my itinerary for weather/rest/side trips/aligning with new friends. I’ve been making lists of alternates/side trips/etc and often traveling I learn something new and then want to explore that.

If the new guide rules happen, will there be guides (or porter if that’s allowed) who will be flexible? For example, I’m booking someone for 20-25 days with various possibilities of routes?

Can I still pick my tea house? Or have a lunch nap? Or start before dawn?

I don’t have a problem putting more money into the Nepali economy, but giving up the flexibility and choice would be really sad.

Can we expect more information on how much the hired guides must “guide” you?

Independent Trekking Guide

Hello, can anyone recommend a good independent trekking guide based in KTM that can take 2 people to do either Annapurna or Manaslu circuit? Thanks

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