Manaslu Circuit

How much is the Manaslu Circuit?

I’m planning my trip to Nepal and I’m curious, how much is the Manaslu Circuit (food, accommodation, guide, porter, tips, included). Thank you in advance for your advice.

Planning for Manaslu Circuit Trek on short shedule

I´m planning my trip to Nepal and exploring the different options on the trekking, and would really like to do the Manaslu circuit trekking. As I won´t be able to get more days off from work, I´m on a bit of a tight schedule, and was wondering if I could get some input from your experiences. I´m currently thinking about going the Friday the 28th of April until the 15th of May. Online I found a couple of options on doing the short version of the Manaslu trekking in 11 days, is this something you would recommend? I´m quite an experience hiker/climber fyi. I was also wondering how the permits would work, as I would only have around 17 days in Nepal in total, and I would be arriving on a Friday night/Saturday, I assume you cannot obtain them during the weekends right? So I would be able to start the trekking on the Tuesday afterwards?Are there any other challenging trekkings of around 13/14 days that you could recommend me or some local guides whom I could contact to talk through different types of possibilities?

Manaslu circuit trek in December

Doing Manaslu circuit trek in December. Is it still doable in such late in trekking season (temperatures, snow conditions)?

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