Annapurna Circuit in December, is it possible?

Annapurna Circuit in December, is it possible?

Hey! Meant to come to Nepal at the end of this week for 2 weeks, was hoping to do the Annapurna circuit but the snow at the pass seems a bit too intense/challenging. Is there a way to do the circuit and circumventing the pass? Or would you recommend a different trek altogether, and if so, which?


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The intense sun radiation and the pass crossings by groups and others etc generally make snow, unless it is a giant dump, not much of a problem. The trail should be doable. You haven’t even started yet so worrying about wx/snow at a particular location/time that far in the future is really pointless…as above get a pair of micro spikes, I always carry them for any pass crossing, and some poles…btw, 2 weeks is pretty short to do the AC unless it is some jeep truncated version which is becoming all too popular these days. But you miss an awful lot–day hikes/view points, rest/acclimatization days tend to be ignored, people and culture, very interesting side treks for a day or so, etc…IMHO 3 weeks min, better 4 weeks.

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