9 days to leave Kathmandu, any tour suggestion?

Just finished the Mardi Himal – Poon hill trek, currently i have 9 days left before I fly out from Kathmandu. Can you suggest me some places around the central region for approximately 7 days? Preferably, I would like to fit in some small villages around Chitwan, Bandipur, Lumbini, and something else. Would be great if I could avoid long transits.. If you could suggest it in a chronological order, I would be very grateful.

Manaslu circuit trek in December

Doing Manaslu circuit trek in December. Is it still doable in such late in trekking season (temperatures, snow conditions)?

Road, Permit and Accomodation in Manang Mustang

Do you know if the road to Manang is still possible right now with motorbike and if i need a permit to go there like Mustang? Do you suggest any refuge to stay on the way and just at the start of Tilicho lake trek?

What is the price for half day Chitwan Safari?

Just wondering what the average price for a half day keep safari in Chitwan is?

Cannot book any flights to Lukla

We are planning a trip to EBC in march but unfortunately we cannot book any flights to Lukla. Are these flights fully booked or just not bookable yet?

Is guide must for the first time trekkers?

I am completely new in this but me and my friend are planning to do EBC spring. And wondering if a guide is a must for first time or you can do it on your own to save some costs?

Is it doable to trek from Kyanjin Ri to Tserko Ri in one day?

I am in Langtang now, tomorrow will go early in the morning to Kyanjin Gompa and afterwards either to Kyanjin Ri or to Tserko Ri. We’ll have to get back to Kyanjin Gompa before it gets dark. I know that Tserko Ri takes more time? Is it doable on one day? I am fit.

Searching for easier trek than Mera Peak

Can anyone advise a more easier trek than Mera Peak, I struggled on this trek a few weeks ago but want to come back for a more flatter trek.

ABC Trek with Poon Hill and Thorong, is it possible?


Hello everyone, I’m planning an ABC trek at the beginning of December. I’m looking for a short trek option without compromising too much on the scenery, Poon Hill, and Thorong. I was thinking around 7-10 days. Does anyone have any tips for a route?

Trek around Nagarkot

Hey guys

Do you may be know a good trek around Nagarkot that takes about 2-3 days?

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