Where can I get the permits for Everest Base Camp?

Where can I get the permits for Everest Base Camp?

Hi guys. I‘am planning a trip in Nepal and I have few questions: Where can I get the permits for Everest Base Camp? Can I get them in Lukla? Can I do this trek alone or better with a guide? Thanks for letting me know and have a good time in Nepal….

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You can get the permits on the way/during the trek. Make sure to have 5,000 rupees cash with you for that. (One is 2,000 and the other is 3,000).
You don’t need a guide in my opinion, but always good to have someone with you for safety reasons!

I see from your profile you’re a healthy, active person. Even so, you must be careful with high altitude sickness It’s a subject that isn’t disclosed often when it comes to trekking to EBC. When I did the trek, I found out the dangers first hand, and if you don’t have a guide to help you, you’re on your own.

The trek can easily and enjoyably be done without a guide however a guide can add some additional info and guidance. There will be plenty of independent trekkers (tens and tens of thousands in a normal non covid effected year) on the route who you can hook up with at times if you choose. If you are doing the 3 passes and it is your first time in the area then a guide could be very useful or be sure to hook up with other trekkers the night before. But a guide is not necessary on the normal route and the trek is quite doable and enjoyable without one. If you do get a guide ensure you pay a daily rate not a full plan…you retain control on daily stops etc you choose.

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