Is guide must for the first time trekkers?

Is guide must for the first time trekkers?

I am completely new in this but me and my friend are planning to do EBC spring. And wondering if a guide is a must for first time or you can do it on your own to save some costs?

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You’ll be fine on your own if you have a sensible itinerary that includes acclimatisation days at the right points (usually Namche and Dingboche) We’ve gone several times on our own without a guide. The trail is very obvious and at that time of year there will literally be a stream of people to follow in the right direction.

Just returned from EBC trek a few weeks ago, went with 3 friends, average fitness, without guide/porter and had no problems. This was our first time in Nepal or any high mountain in general and we found that using guide or porter is totally unnecessary. The trail is very easy to follow, this is not a remote area with nobody around, lots of cheap guesthouses everywhere no need to book in advance. No need to carry any food or camping equipment therefore it was very easy to carry our own backpacks everything included, without passing it on to somebody else to carry it for us.

Possible to do without a guide, but for first timers one would be helpful. Consider a porter-guide who guides and carries also for two trekkers. Pay only salary about $20/day (and 15% tip) but pay your own food & lodgings as you go. This way the guide can not boss you around as much.
Go up via the spectacular Mong La – Phortse – Pangpoche high trail and only come down via Tengboche, not twice like almost all trekkers do not knowing better.

I’d suggest a guide from the Solukhumbu District one who speaks some English, would give you a more cultural connection, maybe stay with family, and stray off the main trail to see something unique. Keep you safe, food related illness and altitude sickness.

If this is your 1st time in the Khumbu region, it is better to be familiar with the route prior to the trek so get used to the physical maps and watch some basic YouTube videos of the trek if you want to go ahead without a guide. Take appropriate stops for acclimatisation. And Spring is a popular time so you will find fellow trekkers & most likely won’t be lost. Start early and reach your destination early each day. But if you want to be free from the struggle of figuring out the route and want someone to keep reassuring you how close the next place is & maybe share some adventurous stories of the region then take a guide. They are really helpful especially in case something goes wrong!

If you hire a guide in ktm you will need to pay their return air fare to lukla which is $180 each way and pay hime 25 a day plus tip. If you arrange you guide from lukla then it’s cheaper. Up to you, but a guide is not really needed on this well trodden trail. Take your time and allow a few days extra in case of sickness or fatigue

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