Water Purification in Himalayas!

Water Purification in Himalayas!

Am looking for best recommendations for water purification please?

Thanks in advance for all tips 🫶🏼

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Aquatabs. The chlorine ones taste like swimming pool water, so iodine are better. I use these with citrus flavoured soluble vitamin tablets to improve the taste. Steripen are good but be careful where you store it in case it breaks. All tea houses will sell boiled water.

We used aquatabs and grayl geopress. Aquatabs don’t kill Guardia so you need a second step. Grayl is a purifier so a much better option than just a filter. We didn’t get sick at all during our trip and got out water from the tap so saved money and waste on bottled water. If you can’t get a grayl the Katadyn befree is a good option as long as you use aquatabs as well.

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