Could I get some info on trekking to EBC?

Could I get some info on trekking to EBC?

1) best to go solo or group tour. 2) best month to go , if u dont want rain or cold weather or little as possible. 3) average cost pp?4) what to bring along?5) is altitude sickness real threat on this trek?6) teahouses all the same , doesnt matter which company u hire?7)what do porters carry for u ,if ur only allowed to bringing 10 or so kgs ?8)how does water taste after chlorine tablets? 9)how cash to bring money ?

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I suggest you have a look at TripAdvisor forum Asia/Nepal. The first forum is pinned and named Nepal Trip/Trek Reports. It has about 50 Trek Reports and some great advice/observations from like minded people sharing their experiences.

1 for me is with a group and guide, they help organise everything and give you great info on number 4 (what to bring)
2 like anything with weather no guarantee but I am doing EBC and gokyo in March as less crowds and although will be colder higher up not an issuer for me
3 if just EBC will depend on size of all group going and what the company organising include but would say about $1100-1300
5 yes it can be so best to have medication with you and even really super fit people can suffer badly with it.
6 can’t answer as only used one company before but they have really looked after us with tea houses
7 porters carry a maximum of 10kg for their well-being, you can put whatever you like in that bag to that limit and carry whatever you want in your bag but the less the better
8 not used them sorry
9 for my trip I am budgeting about $500 for food, drinks etc on trek and then tips on top

1. I suggest not to go solo but to hire freelancer guide: it’s a lot of fun to trek with local plus cost is less and everything is organised quickly and according to your wish only. f.e. I did my ebc with freelancer guide Kale Subash and it was gorgeous experience. we were flexible with our itinerary but could meet other trekkers daily – so absolutely win win.
2. we did our ebc+gokyo in april and the scenery was stunning, the views were clear daily and the cold was bearable, no special gears were needed.
3. average cost was smth around 40-50usd/day for myself plus the daily fee for the guide
4. I had smth like 10-12kg with me, mostly thermo and winter clothes. I guess after a while I noticed that some additional pair of clothes was not necessary even.
5. well, at some point it can get really uncomfortable (for me it was smth around 4500+ ) but with good precaution and slow tempo you will be fine. inform yourself in advance about symptoms and prevention options. I started to take diamox as soon as first symptoms appeared (after 4000m). to know about its side effects was definitely beneficial too.
6. tea houses are not the same and particularly in the touristy places like namche or gokyo the price differences are quite big. but also the level of comfort is different so it’s advisable to be flexible and to walk around checking couple of accommodations for comparison.
7. they can carry everything you wish. In high altitude the help even with 10-12kg is actually huge help and can increase your comfort significantly
8. There are water bottles available in all tea houses. in high altitude it’s possible to request hot water. It costs a fortune but adds to your well-being enormously.
9. After namche bazaar there are no opportunities to withdraw your cash. Even namche is sometimes tricky cause when it gets crowded some atms running out of cash and others might not accept your card type. To be on the safe side get your cash beforehand as early as possible

Always in a group.Best month to go…google historical weather in the area.Cost depends on what you want. i.e. guide/no guide, porter/no porter,etc,etc

I’ve been in the Everest region several times, always go solo as its so much more rewarding ( that’s my personal choice as I like to to stop and go where and when I choose, plus you get to interact more with the locals and environment) best time is November early December, late January February.
I go in by road to jiri 1000 rps bus
fly out lukla $160 maybe bit more now
200 rps per room below Lukla, above Lukla double/ treble that the higher up you go.
Minimum 2000rps per day food, water you can get your bottle filled with Teahouse ‘boiled’ water cheap.
This is a high altitude trek so yes, it must be respected, if you do Jiri ‘ walk in ‘ you will be well acclimatised by the time you get to Namche but you must still go steady.
If you fly in to Lukla you must be more cautious, rest day Phakding, rest day Namche with acclimatisation hike up to Everest View Hotel.
Many people get caught out by this trek so Recommend 2 or 3 hour training hikes at home 2 to 3 months before you depart to have an enjoyable experience

Go solo. You will meet people there, and be flexible on timetable.
$40 a day will cover room food water and snacks. Plus flights.
Pack light. Merino wool base layer and sweater, down jacket and bag. No more than 10/11kg plus water.
Yes. Acclimation days and take meds for flu, stomach and AMS.
Go solo. Rooms are 2-10 dollars a night depending on altitude.
Your bag.
Use iodine not chlorine tabs, and take soluable orange Vit C. Or buy boiled water at tea houses.
Take Nepali rupees. It’s bulky as 1000 is largest note. I take 2 or 3 $100 bills for emergency.
Do Gokyo lakes

because its my autumn and winter (easier to leave garden lol) I have found myself many times up in Khumbu during months of April, May and even walking out very early June. Ive also been in October and November. I found Lobuche in November the coldest. It will obviously be warmer in the Spring season, and slightly less crazy. The sky will have more cloud build up but you will still get plenty of clear days, blue sky and stunning views. Often this can make it more exciting, when what you think are clouds turn into mountains as the sky clears. Do pack a raincoat and light waterproof pants, both great in wind too.
If you have hired a porter or decide to go with a group just pack what you need for the day in your own daypack, ie down jacket for stops, raincoat, snack, sunscreen, water etc.
Tea houses and lodges vary from the very posh to the very basic, but generally the standard is all very similar, especially if you are not planning to walk in from Shivalaya.
Altitude sickness is a very real problem, often for the people who least expect it to happen to them, ie the fittest or youngest. From 3,000mt up it is not uncommon to see trekkers feeling the effects with headaches at night, and a bit of loss of appetite. But most people tend to do well when they follow the guidelines of altitude gain and acclimatisation days. You will find a real benefit on those days if you walk up higher during your rest day, say to do the loop of Khunde/ Khumjung, (Ed Hillary school and hospital) or Everest View Hotel etc, and on your arrival day if you find yourself in Namche early then spend the afternoon walking up the ridge or to museum and just wandering around the village. Sitting around eating cake and drinking beer might be fun but its not the best way to acclimatise. You would be surprised how many people do just that. 😁 Walk and explore high and come back down to sleep….and drink plenty of fluids, water, hot lemon or ginger tea, garlic soup etc.
I wont advise should you take Acetazolamide, sold under the trade name Diamox as a preventative, but do think its wise to carry it in case. Check with your Dr obviously if taking other medication already. You can buy easily in Ktm from any pharmacy. Several studies have shown that Ibuprofen has a similar effect but not at extreme altitude, so if you were already taking when trekking for knees etc maybe it gives you an edge. Something worth researching yourself.
For water purification the easiest is Katadyn Micropur Forte tablets. Im really fussy and I dont find the taste at all an issue, without needing to add vit c powder. You dont want to be fiddling around with iodine in 2023.
If flying in to Lukla big notes are fine, a mix of 500 and 1000r. A credit card and small cash notes to exchange for emergencies. You can buy anything you may need or have forgotten in Namche.
Your food and lodgings budget per day will depend on if you buy extras like chocolate, alcohol, soft drink, bottled water, showers etc. Stock up on snacks, chocolate etc in Ktm. Others with recent ebc experience will have daily 2023 budget price, in recent years Ive avoided the Khumbu.

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