Booking Trek to EBC from international agent versus local agency

Booking Trek to EBC from international agent versus local agency

For those who have booked a trek to EBC with an American or Canadian company, Why did you book with them versus booking with a local Nepalese company?

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In general, if anything goes wrong, you have better chances of getting your money back from a company in your own country. Even if there are very trustworthy Nepali companies too you need to know which ones. In the west you can take them to court if anything. Also, foreign companies put high demands on the local company they work with so it is a kind of a quality check. If you book with a Nepali trekking agency you can end up with a great company, even one who sells the trek that you looked to buy from that foreign company (and you’ll get the same standard but much cheaper), or, if you’re unlucky or not checking enough, with an unserious company

Booking a trek with a Nepali company allows you to directly support the local economy and community. Nepali trekking companies have in-depth knowledge and expertise of the trails and culture of the region, providing a more authentic and personalized experience.

You can also just walk out of Lukla airport and there will be porter-guides approaching you. Or ask at a hotel in Lukla. Since the hike (if it is EBC only) is very easy, basically any local can walk with you and carry your bag. If you carry your own bag and have any kind of hiking experience, do it by yourself.

Getting a full package from western agency is very convenient as it often includes international flights, hotels, city tours etc besides the trek itself.
There is also more consumer rights if something goes wrong during the trek, as the western operator is responsible for the Nepalese agency’s actions also. As we know Nepalese agencies do nothing if something goes pear shaped.
Having a western tour leader also protects against the notorious helicopter rescue scam many Nepalese agencies and guides base their livelihood on.
If one has good relations and trust with a Nepalese agency certainly direct contacts work best for all. Most first timers do not have those.

There is a middle ground, usually the western companies will work in partnership with people on the ground in Nepal. They’ll have a rep from their company who may introduce you and the rest of the team will be Nepalese locals. That was our experience at least and it was great.

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