EBC Trek in mid February

EBC Trek in mid February

What do you think about doing the EBC in the middle of February?I’m traveling on a low budget and need to get an idea of prices.I have some experience in trekking below 4500mts.

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You shoud be able to manage with 30€/day, permits cost 50€, transportation 380€ if flying, maybe 30€ by bus, in which case you need 6 days more.

Excellent time to go, you will be done before the chaos starts. It will be very cold at night from Namche up, but when the sun is out maybe T-shirt weather when walking. If you dont own, you can hire a good warm sleeping bag and down jacket very cheaply in Ktm. Call in and see Bam and Meena at their shop ‘Sportswear International’ in Thamel.
Budget around $30US or more per day for food and lodgings on trek. If you walk in from Shivalaya or Salleri/Phaplu the prices will be cheaper at lower altitude and steadily increase. The things that break your daily budget are alcohol, chocolate, snacks, soft drinks and too many cappuccinos.Take some treats from Ktm such as chocolate or energy bars for those tough ‘moments’.

I trekked to Gokyo in Jan-Feb and because it was almost empty I got to stay in the lodges for free and only paid for meals. The fact that I speak Nepali fluently may also be a factor.

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