Everest base camp on low budget, is it possible?

Everest base camp on low budget, is it possible?

Hey everyone, I’m considering trying to do Everest base camp in late nov/Dec, but unfortunately don’t have a huge budget. I would prefer to use a local guide to help support them, and I also don’t have any trekking equipment with me so would need to rent or buy.

I have seen some package tours with all cost included so have a rough idea but if you use a local guide how much would you expect to pay? And also for the accommodation along the way?

Alternatively if need be, how hard is it to trek solo and how busy is it around this time with others on the route?

Also I am still a little confused about options to get from Kathmandu to lukla… some websites seem to suggest you can also drive between the two and some say flying or hiking is the only route.

Thanks for any help 😊

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KTM to Lukla is connected via road (Salleri to Lukla, it’s a trek which easily takes 3 days)- cost effective if you got time.
Kathmandu to Lukla flights are roughly ~300 usd both sides and take 30-40 mins one side. It’s a race between cost and time.

A good sleeping bag is essential as most of the accommodations on route are very primitive (no heating or hot water). The benefit of organised tour is that they make reservations in the accommodations. But if you travel in a less busy season, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a sleeping place. I would recommend flying to Lukla. It takes 30 min. Also please invest in decent hiking shoes. You really want to take care of your feed during such a long hike.

Doable solo with or without porter. You can’t get lost, there’ll be many trekkers going the same way, doing the same route.
Fly to Kathmandu.
Rent stuff in Thamel.
Fly to Lukla.
Trek on your own till Namche Bazaar, hire a porter there.
Hire porter from Lukla.
A friend and myself did this back in 2018. We hired a porter from Namche Bazaar. You’ll take a rest day in Namche, so with a day and half in hand you can sort this out easily with the help of the tea house where you’ll be staying.

The only option to fly into Lukla is a 5 hour drive from kathmandu to Ramchamp…
Hire a local guide as you’ll benefit so much from their experience. Tea houses are dotted along the route but would be worth booking in advance as it does get very busy!!

Late Nov/Dec is less crowded compared to early Nov or Oct but you will have to go throu cold days/night. I believe tea houses should be able to provide you extra blankets (considering that there are less people on trails). I will still go for rented sleep bags.

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