What is the percentage of trekkers who cannot complete ebc?

What is the percentage of trekkers who cannot complete ebc?

What is the percentage of trekkers who cannot complete ebc. Either through injury or sickness. Or just giving up and not wanting to go further.

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That would be an interesting analysis.. my boyfriend got HAP and we were evacuated from Lobuche.. so close. The trek was more doable than we ever thought. Get Travel Insurance, confirm high altitude included. Research option to take more Diaxom than prescribed just in case your body needs more. EBC trek, all days are amazing!

First attempt ended in medical evac from ChoLa pass with HAPE. Owe my life to the guides and Porter. So disappointed but learnt about AMS, took medication and was successful on 2nd attempt. Am apparently susceptible to AMS & HAPE so will continue with the 2 x medications prescribed by doctor for any future attempts at altitude. FYI I am a flat lander living by the sea 😂. And ensure you have high altitude medical evac insurance and unlimited medical insurance

Statistical 42% of trekkers complete the trek to EBC and back to Lukla. My Son and I completed the the trek April this year. IF you can, make sure you trek to Kala Patter 18,500 ft, spectacular but cold! EBC trek is a very challenging trek be as physically and mentally prepared as possible. I saw dozens of trekkers evacuated and turn back due to the altitude. Once folks hit approximately 16,000 ft most folks start to experience AMS and turn back. Key to completing EBC is hydration at least 3-6 liters of water per day. Hydration hydration hydration

Its really interesting because many people just think oh I can walk up a mountain.. AMD is relatively mild in most people some people for biological genetic reasons just aren’t suited to altitude and need rapid life saving intervention…this is why you never hike alone about 3000meters..

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