What type Preparation is required for EBC trek?

What type Preparation is required for EBC trek?

What type of preparation is required for EBC trek. Is 2 years enough time for preparation? Is there any article that I can find to help me train for the EBC trek?

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It’s not that hard! I live at sea level without even a hill in sight. My husband and I took nightly walks with our packs on for two or three months. That’s it. The trek was easy for us. Phakding to Namche and Namche to Tengboche are the only hard sections.

Book it , go for a walk , keep doing ya walks and when it comes around you will get there and see the mountains and wonder what the fuck you were worried about ! The views will drag u up without you even knowing! It’s a privilege not a chore! Do it !¡

i was unknowingly preparing for EBC…to shed some 10-12 kg weight i did 2-3 months gym..then suddenly realised i could go to EBC so when i decided i stopped gym..and just walked 7-10 km daily walk for 1 month
.then finally went for EBC.. all these 3-4 months healthy and balanced Diet was something that i followed..

It’s all about endurance , youll go at a slow pace with lots of breaks, the trails are rocky and uneven, find a lookout with stairs and put 5kgs in a backpack, and do laps up and down 2 /3 months before you leave. I also swam laps. We had no trouble, seen kids on the trail, we had a 69 year old in our group, he was fine. Keep a slow pace, drink lots of water, and take half a diamox in the morning and half at night.

I did it aged 62 with very little preparation. Walk, walk, walk with a 15kg rucksack to increase your lung capacity. Two years is plenty of time. A 74 year-old granny was in our party. She was a regular recreational walker but UK only. On EBC you are urged to walk very slowly for up to 11 hours per day. Do not become dehydrated! Good luck.

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