How to get bulk rupees cash with credit card in Kathmandu?

How to get bulk rupees cash with credit card in Kathmandu?

Any advice please on how to get bulk rupees cash (about $US2000 worth, or NPR 265,000) with a credit card in Kathmandu for 3 people doing the EBC trek. ATMs have withdrawal limits so do not want to run around many ATMs to get the cash. Want to try to do it in 1 ir 2 transactions.

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think you should have brought cash, too bad…not only are there daily and amount limits at ATMs but you said ‘credit card’ not debit card….in addition to the (mulitple) transaction fee(s) at the ATM in KTM you will pay additional fees like foreign transaction fees unless your card is one that says no fee, plus your bank fee plus a bad exchange rate,,,but worse may be your own credit card company…using a credit card vice a debit card will be considered a cash withdrawal from your cc company and has very large fees attached to it…I have no idea why you just didn’t bring $$ or some other decent currency to change at a bank in Nepal. You are in for some big fees….I have sent $$ to friends in Nepal via WU and it has always worked…somebody above mentioned sending money to yourself….maybe that works

Go to a bank and ask if you can withdraw a larger amount money against your card over the counter.
Too late, but you should have asked this weeks ago… It is a quite typical mistake to think bank and credit cards work like in the west, they do not. Bring cash next time, works always, get best rates etc etc.

There are many places in the EBC route where you could use your visa/ mastercard and all other major credit card… Juz get some cash for situation where you think you can’t use your credit Card .. that should work out … and i think you can pay via credit/ debit card and get some cash from stay in the mountains they will help in case of emergency… If you have pre booked your stays check with them if they accept card payment …

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