Last Minute Plan!

Last Minute Plan!

Hi There ☺️

Looking for advice on general packing/packing list for a months visit from 10th Nov!

Mardi Himal, adventuring, general tourist stuff etc. Any advice much appreciated!

Last minute plan and coming on my own!

Thank youuuu 🫶🏼

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Pack light but wisely! Makes travel so much easier. Chilly evenings/early mornings but warm days mean that ‘layers’ are the best rather than ultra thick jacket/sweaters. Easy to buy extras once you are here if needed. Have a wonderful trip!

hi, needless to say, ur stay should be in Thamel in katmandu, minimum 3 days
walk the streets, decide were to stay
great eating places
eg Tibetian restaurant, chinese, korean
mediteranian too,
ur sim take at airport or at a good outlet in thamel,
visit Bhaktapur UNESCO heritage site
take a feel of a trek near katmandu
move to Pokhra next…rest Abc etc as per ur plan

My top tip would be travel light. To that end I always walk in a long sleeve zip neck merino wool medium weight base layer, I also sleep in it. If its warm then this with shorts is fine, zip unzip sleeves up or down and add/remove a neck buff. Its naturally anti-bacterial quality means no washing and no smells. If it’s windy then add a goretex shell. I also carry a lightweight merino sweater and a thin fleece hoodie and a lightweight down jacket. My trekking pants zip off at the knees. A few pairs of pants and socks, a travel towel and toiletries bag with meds. 10-11kg max in a 35 litre bag, all clothes packed into a 40/50 litre compression bag. Includes sleeping bag. Crocs or sliders for evenings and toilets shower. Hat gloves and spikes.

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