Average Price for ABC trek!

Average Price for ABC trek!

Hey travelers! What is the average price for ABC trek more or less based on your experience? Just for comparison. Thanks! .)

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Hi foods ebc for you not expensive.. Everyday you will spend around 20$ meximum depend of what you choose and how much you spend.. If you take guide or Porter you will spend around 40 $
I know on this page most of people’s want to solo.. And save money.. Before you go out of city get more informations and how to spend money for why how? Last time 10 days ago I show France 4 young people’s.. They are barging of water.. 125 rs in 2600 m high.. Even they think expensive and cheating for guest house. I fell bad to see that.. Why so much expensive? Pokhara 25 bottle.. Here that price? Even they are not buying..it.. Finally I told them no cheating.. The cost is the mountains they charge more.. Because of carrying.. From city to. Mountains..

Guide is $25-30 a day and a porter 10-15. You will need to pay the transport costs both ends, but not anything for their accommodation or food bills. Accommodation is cheap only a few dollars a night, food gets more expensive with altitude so a dhal bhat might be 3,4,5,6 dollars as you go up. A few dollars for breakfast and lunch and a bit more for dinner. Some places charge for a shower or hot bucket, but I normally ask for that to be included in the room rate.

with organised group? solo with guide? solo with guide and porter? solo with porter? completely solo? It can really vary from $30 per day when trekking solo and unguided (after you have bought permits and transport to and from the trek) to 5 times that amount…or even more. What setup are you considering?

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