Transport back to Pokhara from Kande or Phedi

Transport back to Pokhara from Kande or Phedi

We will end our Poon Hill trek in Kande or Phedi. Is it easy to find transport back to Pokhara on the spot? Or is it recommended to book transport in advance

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I have started and ended Mardi Himal trek a couple of times at Kandi…..buses and taxis avbl….my friends shared a taxi, I took the local bus….they got to Pokhara/Hallen chowk first but I was not far behind, and saved a lot of $ for food…plus I like the local scenery and people. Each to their own…and to be clear you can bus to Kandi too from Baglung bus park in Pokhara and save a big climb going up to Dhampus….check the elevations on a trek map.

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