Bagpack and Fooding in Everest Base Camp

Bagpack and Fooding in Everest Base Camp

Hi Everyone!

I have another question and hope you can be as much help as you were for my last post! We are doing EBC in mid February 2023 (not the ideal time I know) And I’d love to get any advice on what to pack, clothing wise what is best to wear eg ski pants, big jacket and thermals? And also if you bought food as well what you though was a good choice for energy and weight?

Thanks in advance! It’s coming up quickly and I feel underprepared haha!

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I was using drops in the mountain and was buying bottled water in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur since the water reservoirs didn’t seem great to me…. Brushed my teeth with tap water, and drank tea/masala tea everywhere. No issues with my stomach at all.

Look it depends SOME water sources in the mountain are brill. However without solid local knowledge don’t mess around.
Tablets taste like shit but are the lightest way.
Pumps are the best but heavy if carrying gear. I did see a bangle that is a mini life straw and would be interested who has used one.
If weight isn’t an issue id go with the swiss micro viro., they cost lots – katadyan
Or lifestraw-
In the mountains don’t leave yourself vunerable to using bottled water, some wrong venders will charge you 400 rupees for a bottle which is disgusting .
Check out “water purification bracelets” the UV ones look good
Always a pump with micro filter if not a weight ( bang for buck)
Cleaning teeth – I use what come out of the tap
Hope this helps

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