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9 days to leave Kathmandu, any tour suggestion?

Just finished the Mardi Himal – Poon hill trek, currently i have 9 days left before I fly out from Kathmandu. Can you suggest me some places around the central region for approximately 7 days? Preferably, I would like to fit in some small villages around Chitwan, Bandipur, Lumbini, and something else. Would be great if I could avoid long transits.. If you could suggest it in a chronological order, I would be very grateful.

Manaslu circuit trek in December

Doing Manaslu circuit trek in December. Is it still doable in such late in trekking season (temperatures, snow conditions)?

Road, Permit and Accomodation in Manang Mustang

Do you know if the road to Manang is still possible right now with motorbike and if i need a permit to go there like Mustang? Do you suggest any refuge to stay on the way and just at the start of Tilicho lake trek?

What is the price for half day Chitwan Safari?

Just wondering what the average price for a half day keep safari in Chitwan is?

Cannot book any flights to Lukla

We are planning a trip to EBC in march but unfortunately we cannot book any flights to Lukla. Are these flights fully booked or just not bookable yet?

Is guide must for the first time trekkers?

I am completely new in this but me and my friend are planning to do EBC spring. And wondering if a guide is a must for first time or you can do it on your own to save some costs?

Is it doable to trek from Kyanjin Ri to Tserko Ri in one day?

I am in Langtang now, tomorrow will go early in the morning to Kyanjin Gompa and afterwards either to Kyanjin Ri or to Tserko Ri. We’ll have to get back to Kyanjin Gompa before it gets dark. I know that Tserko Ri takes more time? Is it doable on one day? I am fit.

Searching for easier trek than Mera Peak

Can anyone advise a more easier trek than Mera Peak, I struggled on this trek a few weeks ago but want to come back for a more flatter trek.

ABC Trek with Poon Hill and Thorong, is it possible?


Hello everyone, I’m planning an ABC trek at the beginning of December. I’m looking for a short trek option without compromising too much on the scenery, Poon Hill, and Thorong. I was thinking around 7-10 days. Does anyone have any tips for a route?

Trek around Nagarkot

Hey guys

Do you may be know a good trek around Nagarkot that takes about 2-3 days?

What Temperature variation to expect in Everest base camp and Annapurna Circuit?

I’m am in the process of packing my clothing gear. What temp variation can I expect for Everest base camp and anapurna circuit the first two weeks in December? Thank is in advance.

Annapurna Circuit in December, is it possible?

Hey! Meant to come to Nepal at the end of this week for 2 weeks, was hoping to do the Annapurna circuit but the snow at the pass seems a bit too intense/challenging. Is there a way to do the circuit and circumventing the pass? Or would you recommend a different trek altogether, and if so, which?


Experience Buddhist Culture while trekking

Which is a good 4-7 day trek where one can experience Buddhist culture?

Visiting Nepal early for Poon Hill Trek

Hi there!
Visiting Nepal early January and looking to do the Poon Hill trek! Any suggestions on booking agencies (to book up front or book on the spot in Pokhara?). Also open for travel buddies if you’re looking to do the same! 

Where can I get the permits for Everest Base Camp?

Hi guys. I‘am planning a trip in Nepal and I have few questions: Where can I get the permits for Everest Base Camp? Can I get them in Lukla? Can I do this trek alone or better with a guide? Thanks for letting me know and have a good time in Nepal….

Possible to go from Ghorepani to Chommrong in 1 day?

It is possible to go from Ghorepani to Chommrong in one day? I already did Poon Hill, so i am not doing that on the same day. And if so, how long would it be. Hard to find information if you don’t add Poon Hill.


Food Poisoning in Everest

Dahl bath food poisoning in Everest and fever. Violently sick. I think it has subsided. What do you eat that is safest currently eating garlic soup.

Bagpack and Fooding in Everest Base Camp

Hi Everyone!

I have another question and hope you can be as much help as you were for my last post! We are doing EBC in mid February 2023 (not the ideal time I know) And I’d love to get any advice on what to pack, clothing wise what is best to wear eg ski pants, big jacket and thermals? And also if you bought food as well what you though was a good choice for energy and weight?

Thanks in advance! It’s coming up quickly and I feel underprepared haha!

Planning To Travel Nepal

I am planning to travel to NEPAL in the last week of this November. Here is my 10 days plan. Is it feasible? Any suggestion?

Day 1:

Dhaka to Kathmandu by Air

Visit Darbar square and Swayambhunath

Night stay in Kathmandu

Day 2:

Kathmandu to Besisahar by bus

Night stay in Besisahar

Day 3:

Besisahar to Manang by local jeep

Night stay in Manang

Day 4:

Hiking around manang

Day 5:

Hiking around Manang

Day 6:

Manang to besisahar by local jeep

Night stay at Besisahar

Day 7:

Besisahar to Kathmandu to Nagarkot

Night stay in Nagarkot

Day 9:

Visit Bhaktapur and back to Kathmandu

Night stay in Kathmandu

Day 10:

Kathmandu to Dhaka by air

Hiking Poon Hill!

We are considering hiking Poon Hill, though we want to tack on another week somewhere else, (not necessarily Nepal) after our trek. What are options? We were thinking of Tibet, though direct flights are (for now) are no longer operating. Would appreciate thoughts from the brains trust!

Looking to do Everest Base Camp!

I’m heading to Nepal in December to do yala peak, whilst we’re there were looking to do Everest base camp! Just curious as to how other people have done this? With groups/tours, solo or your own sherpa? Also how long it’s took any of you? I know the timeline for most tours is 14 days but can you do it quicker or? Thanks in advance!

Also I forgot to add, I was also looking at maybe adding the gokyo lakes into the EBC trek! If it’s as nice as it looks/worth it?

Trail shoes versus boots for hiking the EBC trek, which one is better?

Hello all,

I hope this message finds you well and you’re having a wonderful day!

Quick question for y’all – I have hiked the Annapurna Circuit a few years back in trail

shoes, I was curious to know your thoughts on trail shoes versus boots for hiking the EBC trek in early March?

The trail shoes I currently hike in are Hoka Soeedgoat 5’s.

Also…do you recommend Gators?

Thanks everyone for your wisdom 😀

Everest base camp on low budget, is it possible?

Hey everyone, I’m considering trying to do Everest base camp in late nov/Dec, but unfortunately don’t have a huge budget. I would prefer to use a local guide to help support them, and I also don’t have any trekking equipment with me so would need to rent or buy.

I have seen some package tours with all cost included so have a rough idea but if you use a local guide how much would you expect to pay? And also for the accommodation along the way?

Alternatively if need be, how hard is it to trek solo and how busy is it around this time with others on the route?

Also I am still a little confused about options to get from Kathmandu to lukla… some websites seem to suggest you can also drive between the two and some say flying or hiking is the only route.

Thanks for any help 😊

Airfare Ramechhap to Lukla?

Hello friends, can I ask how much is the airfare from Ramechhap to Lukla?

What is the percentage of trekkers who cannot complete ebc?

What is the percentage of trekkers who cannot complete ebc. Either through injury or sickness. Or just giving up and not wanting to go further.

What type Preparation is required for EBC trek?

What type of preparation is required for EBC trek. Is 2 years enough time for preparation? Is there any article that I can find to help me train for the EBC trek?

Are there Jeeps for Thamdanda?

Hi everyone

Around 21 November we want to go to Lukla. Are there jeeps going up to thamdanda? From there its just a 8 hour walk. I found this online but the hostel we stayed in, in Thamel, said that they only go to Salleri..

Everest Base Camp on December

Hey 👋

I will be in Nepal in December and would like to do the Everest base camp trek

Anyone already did it alone and maybe has some recommendations

Thanks in advance

Leaving for Lukla!

Hi guys!

We are leaving for Lukla tomorrow morning and starting on the three passes track! We heard there is a lot of snow on the passes. Is this correct?


Any information about Shey Phoksundo Park?

Any information about Shey Phoksundo Park? How to go? Where to sleep? Is it necessary to make reservation? Do you need a guide?


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